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Information about purchasing a puppy

PuppiesForPleasure Kennel

Information about purchasing a puppy

Introduction  PuppiesForPleasure Kennel is an individually owned and operated kennel located in Medaryville, Indiana - about 2 miles West of Medaryville. Owned and operated by Vera McGarrity, PuppiesForPleasure Kennel specializes in AKC & CKC Reg. Dachshunds, Standard Dachshunds, Cocker Spaniels & Chihuahua's.

Rregistration  All puppies at PuppiesForPleasure Kennel are bred from AKC & CKC registered sires and dams. Complete paper work to register your puppy will be provided to you. Price for puppy does  include registration.

FEEDING  To NEW OWNER'S OF PUPPY that is bought from PuppiesForPleasure Kennel. When you buy a puppy HE/SHE has been started on PURINA PRO PLAN FOR PUPPIES small breed and for a year will continue with Purina Pro Plan, changing food will upset his/her system. Give him/her pleanty of food and water in front of him/her at all times. NO FEEDING HIM/HER OFF FROM THE TABLE AT NO TIME, FEEDING HIM/HER OFF THE TABLE COULD POSSIBLE KILL YOUR PUPPY. NO BONE'S AT ALL NO MATTER HOW OLD YOUR PUPPY GET'S, SOME ONE GAVE A PUPPY A BONE AND ENDED UP WITH SURGERY LIVED BUT COULD HAVE LOST HER PUP, HARD LESSON TO ALL. NO GUARANTEE IF YOU CHANGE THE FEEDING HABIT WITH HIM/HER

WORM'S  All puppies are born with worms; they are dewormed TWICE   by the time you purchase your puppy of your choice.

Health & Soundness  I make every attempt not to sell puppies, THAT are unhealthy or unsound. . AT 6 WEEKS IF THE PUPPY IS EATING DRY FOOD intelligent, energetic and healthy. I LET THEM GO TO NEW HOMES.  MY PUPPIES GET A PARVO SHOT & FIRST WORMING AT 4 WEEKS. AT 6 WEEKS THEY GET FIRST FULL PUPPIE SHOT OF VANGARD PLUS 5-CV & WORMED AGAIN.

Guarantees  PuppiesForPleasure Kennel guarantees all of its puppies and dogs to be healthy at the time of purchase. All puppies or dogs to be shipped are thoroughly examined by a licensed veterinarian before shipping to ensure overall health.

Method of Payment  I accept Money Orders or Cash. NO Personal checks as it takes at least ten to fourteen working days to clear before shipping or releasing puppies.

Shipping & Delivery  Puppies can be picked up here in Medaryville, Indiana or I can send them by air to nearest local airport. Shipping is extra. Shipping fees usually range from $200 to $300.

Important Notices 
I wish that no puppies ever get sick or injured, but they do. So I require a condition on refunds and allowances. You must have your puppy inspected for health and soundness by a licensed veterinarian within 2 days of delivery.  If for some reason that a puppies should die an autospy has to be preformed to see who is at falt and results sent to me.

I reserve the right  to refuse sales to anyone I feel will not be able to care for the needs or well being of a small dog. My dogs are bred for affection, love and companionship. They are lap dogs. They require more attention and affection then other breeds.